Folk Rebellion is a media brand on a mission, leading a plugged-in world towards digital wellbeing.

We believe society can live well with technology through a more informed, balanced, mindful, and question-everything approach. Our expert content educates and empowers the everyday digital user to find their freedom IRL  through alternative analog and lo-fi mediums including our printed publication, podcast, and "slow" online editorial content.

We are rebelliously redefining what connection means as we look to re-connect– to nature, each other, ourselves, and the world around us. Our outspoken ideals are inciting a community to cut the cords that bind– by making better lifestyle choices to control their tech...not the other way around.


Technology that was meant to simplify our lives has lead us astray and away from the real world... into a virtual one. Our brand hopes to empower people with knowledge and create pieces of art and clothing that spread our message for a simpler and happier analog way of life.

Folk Rebellion was created by our desire to encourage the return of living in real life. We love things that are tangible like nature, humans, paper, and music made with instruments. It's an appreciation and instruction manual for living in the present with actual things among flesh, blood, and bones people. 


Jess Davis w- Son Hays Davis (1).jpg

tech ethicist, social entrepreneur, mindfulness leader, children's advocate, writer, brand consultant and mama bear.

Jess is the visionary founder of Folk Rebellion - a movement where she promotes the more mindful use of technology, building a healthier future for all.

As a formerly plugged-in digital strategist and award-winning brand consultant, her fast tech-based career allowed her a unique perspective from the inside - out.

After 10+ years of helping clients find their digital voices, Jess looked up and realized she had in fact, helped create a society that was no longer present or connected at all. After much soul searching, research, and family-imposed vacations offline, she discovered her calling - to use her megaphone to inspire folks (and herself) to return to living in "real-life" ... all while balancing their digital one. Powered by community engagement and key partnerships like Lululemon, she's recently launched a media component, the Dispatch.

Jess is a speaker on the topics of unplugging, technology, balance, and slow living and a regular contributor for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Wanderlust. Jess's story has been featured in publications like Inc, Well + Good, Delta Sky Magazine, Vogue, and was named one of Thrive Global's 'Limit Breaking Female Founders' and Yoganonymous's '20 Female Yogaprenuers to Watch'. Her workshops, coaching, and corporate wellness programs share the learning’s of Folk Rebellion.



"Jess was a fantastic addition to our panel on careers as part of Women in the Outdoors Week. She provided a really important voice and a fascinating perspective on how to start a new and unique business from scratch. Jess is eloquent and charming while also being accessible and relatable. The work of Folk Rebellion is so important in the current world and Jess functions with a self-awareness and intentionality that is great to see. And she's hilarious!" -Lauren Skonieczny; Discover Outdoors


“Jess adds value to every conversation she’s part of. She’s relatable, funny, and wise. I always learn something new or look at an old problem differently by the way she shares about her practices and relationship with technology. It only takes you five minutes to feel like you’ve known her for five years.” - Julie Anderson; Lululemon

"Jess' ability to captivate a room is rooted in her capacity to speak her truth and have it ring true for all present. In an age where technology has usurped our time, Jess' message of connection is a nourishing reminder."  - Katie Knoche; Wanderlust Festival


Giving Back to Protect the Future

We hope to encourage a love of nature, adventure, & inquisitiveness for future generation. When you purchase Folk Rebellion products, a portion of profits are donated to the Children & Nature Network helping to create a world where every child can play, learn and grow outdoors & away from screens.