- how it's made -


Folk Rebellion Dispatch is made by the community, for the community.


The location:

We are not coming to you from the 16th floor of a new “it” building in Manhattan with nap pods, bottomless organic coffee, and massage rooms.

This is coming to you from a backyard in Brooklyn,

filled with kids toys, sirens, and from the hearts and heads of a tiny team of rebels on an analog mission.


The Tools:

#1. Email & Snail Mail

We gather your ridiculously amazing submissions, review them with love, and respond to as many of you as possible. We wish we could send each of you a handwritten thank you note, but it’s just not possible while our tiny team focuses on growing this giant idea. We aren’t a huge editorial team with assistants and interns. We are a small, scrappy group of rebels with a bold vision who do as much as they can in their working hours, and then leave that shit til the next day. BALANCE BABY.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.53.25 PM.png

all things Analog:

#2. Post-It’s, Magic Markers & Pages Torn From Our Journals

As pitches are accepted, we write the name of each one on a scrap of lined paper. Using our favorite Crayola markers, we color code each piece according to column, cover feature, interview, etc.

#3.Push Pins & Bulletin Boards

We literally pin (Not Pinterest Pin) each accepted pitch to the appropriate section of the newspaper bulletin board

#4. Coffee, Record Player, and Pause Button

We know that the best work comes out of single tasking, fully focused, playful reverie. So, thanks to Boomerang we press pause on our inboxes (Yes, you totally can do that), take turns picking the tunes to put the needle on, and get all Hygge with a roaring fire, coffee in big mugs, and candles.


The Process:


There’s a touch and feel emotional quality lacking in the publishing industry today. So we are changing that. Our paper is printed on actual newsprint. The kind that smudges a little, with paper you can dog-ear, and pages you can pull out and share with friends. Each one is then delivered to your doorstep every month where we invite you to form slow rituals around the reading of an actual newspaper.


Founder + Editor-In-Chief:

Jess Davis

Associate Editor:

Pippa Biddle

Online Community Maverick:

Lexi Weber

offline Community Maverick:

Lindsay Thomas

Creative Director:

Ryan LeMere

Strategy Rouser:

Jenna Dailey



What idiots create an analog newspaper while the entire traditional printed publishing industry is crumbling around them?