FB ads are cool cuz I’m like oh look there’s that thing I thought about yesterday but never typed or said out loud to another soul on earth.
— anonymous facebook that could be any of us
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(^^^ Nope, none of that shit here) 

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Conscious sponsorship allows partners chosen by US who align with our ideals to share only a brief statement about who they are and what they do. You may see their logo, but you will not see any advertisements marketing AT you with some marketing campaign thought up around a whiteboard that will tell to you to work harder, be better, get faster!

Major online magazines funded by ads don't break even until they get hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. They'll publish whatever it takes to get you to click, and they'll keep you clicking through slideshow after slideshow, quiz after quiz just to get you to load more ads. We don't need hundreds of thousands of people to load our pages over and over.

All of our sponsors are aligned with Folk Rebellion’s mission and values. Your time is valuable, and we want to make sure it’s not wasted on all that traditional, eye-roll-inducing shit you see everywhere else.

Want to be a sponsor? Email hello (at) folkrebellion (dot) com and tell us why we should consider you or your company.