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Impact Travel Immersion

Impact Travel Alliance is thrilled to invite you to our newest global conference — Impact Travel Immersion.

Taking place in our home base of New York City, the event will empower innovators and professionals with the skills they need to make a positive impact while building their own sustainable business in the travel space. Immersion is a full-day boot camp style event with a series of concurrent, expert-led courses in three categories: innovation, business, and marketing – with sustainability woven throughout each.

This is an opportunity to learn directly from industry thought leaders in a fully immersive, hands-on environment. Attendees design their own schedule, taking the classes that suit their professional needs, and have the opportunity for facilitated networking between learning opportunities. Attendees will walk away feeling empowered to take their business to the next level, as well as concrete steps to make a lasting change for the global good through professional and creative endeavors.

For full event information, visit our main page on Impact Travel Immersion, and purchase tickets to reserve your spot.