We accept pitches and submissions! Please check this guide before submitting your work. Below describes how to get published in Rebel Times



On Our Writing:

We are...

Think of us as that rebellious friend you were always (secretly) thankful you had. The one that pushed you just enough, that opened your eyes to new ideas, that scoffed at old dated beliefs, and got you out of your comfort zone.

Rebel Times is playful yet authoritative in a daring, you-know-you-want-to, way. Though well researched with science-backed data and information, the writing is smart and holds weight yet casual, edgy, and friendly. Our articles will be a mix of high quality, meaty, long read, journalistic pieces and shorter articles shared in a real life, open and unfold, slow and timeless, analog newspaper delivered monthly to your doorstep.

We look up to publications like the Atlantic, McSweeney’s, Lenny Letter, Outside Magazine, Rolling Stone, Wilderness, Flow, Adbusters, and Offscreen.

We are not...

We are not a blog come to life. We are not whimsical. We are not in the business of content for content’s sake. We are not in the awareness economy. We are not going to share more crap. We are not luxury. We are not a public collective diary.

We do not want to be Kinfolk, Nylon, Paper, or anything Fashiony/Female Only/Trendy. We are NOT too cool for school. We are inclusive and elevate the voices of the marginalized and minorities.

Upcoming Themes: Each issue will have a theme. Currently, we're planning:

  • JANUARY 2018 — Rebel Issue (Completed Deadline November 22nd)
  • FEBRUARY 2018 — Time Issue (Completed Deadline December 20th)

Preferred Formats:

While we like to break from norms and try new things, the following article formats are certain approaches we definitely know we like (But you can always surprise/try us):

  • Longer form well researched content with more substance: 1200-2000+ words
  • Themed Feature 2000-3000 words
  • Shorter content will still be 700-1000 words

Topics of Interest

Slow Living, Connection, Travel, Adventure, Boredom, Zeitgeist, Nature, Consumerism, Simplifying, Productivity and Busy Disease, Technology, Hustle Culture, Societal Norms, Parenting, Anti-Establishment, Rebellion, the Psychology of Motivation and Change, Neuroscience and Eastern Practices, Storytelling through Data. We’re also always looking for relevant and timely pieces but try to create content that is timeless.

  • Op-Ed’s
  • Studies of movements or phenomena from history, art, music, the internet, or social life relevant to the theme
  • Nonfiction personal essays
  • Interviews relevant to theme
  • Investigative reports on uncovering falsehoods in advertising, media, politics, etc.
  • Researched or Reported Features
  • Columns: Digital Culture, Entrepreneurship/Freelancing, Nostalgia, Wellness
  • Reviews/Roundups - Book/Podcast/Music/Instagram
  • How-to guides or maker tutorials
  • Three takes
  • News - anything relevant around neuroscience with nature, mindfulness, digital wellness, technology, simple living, non-helicopter parenting, rebellion
  • Illustrations + Art + Cartoons
  • Activities - Bingo Cards/Crossword/Recipe/Journal Prompts/Meditations
  • Internet Round-Up - Example: People Yelling on the Internet (visual)
  • Photo Essays
  • Classifieds
  • Horoscopes
  • *** For politics we will only be covering it through the lens of morality, technology, and/or parenting.

***Again, pieces should be timeless. Not covering daily news.

Sending a Pitch:

To pitch Rebel Times, please send us an email (address found at the end of this) according to the following specifications:

  • Subject line: [pitch]: your proposed title:
  • If you’re pitching for a specific issue, mention which one (we also accept pitches on topics outside the issue themes)
  • A brief summary of the piece
  • The soonest date you could deliver this text
  • Don't send us a blog post
  • Do tell us why you think a particular subject is important or interesting
  • Don't ask to write about your travels unless it’s relevant to theme, new, unique perspective
  • Do tell us about a new or forgotten trend/movement relevant to Rebel Times
  • Don't send us work that’s been printed, posted, shared elsewhere

Sending a Submission:

We also accept the submission of works that have already been drafted. To submit an unpublished work to Rebel Times, please send us an email according to the following specifications:

  • Subject line: [submission] :your proposed title:
  • If your submission is intended for a specific issue, mention which one (we also accept submissions on topics outside the issue themes)
  • A brief summary of the piece
  • An attached .docx, .pages, rtf, .md, or .txt file
  • Don't send us works of fiction
  • Do change the names and identifying characteristics of anyone featured in your work who does not consent to be portrayed by you
  • Don't send us works of poetry
  • Do send us unique, smart prose
  • Don't send us unsolicited profiles of third parties, or their work
  • Do attach relevant images to the email if they preface, document, or conclude a particular story.


Submitting Art, Photographs, Activities:

If you are interested in taking photos or creating artwork for us, please sign up to the email list we use to announce projects. You can submit works there or send an email to pitches@folkrebellion.com  with a link to your portfolio or website and with “PHOTOGRAPHER” or “ILLUSTRATOR” in the subject line.


  • Single still photographs
  • Photographs in series
  • Photoessays
  • Vector artwork


  • Lettering
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Editorial work
  • Comics
  • Graphic Short Stories
  • Mixed Media work
  • Collaging


  • Crosswords/Soduku
  • Mad Libs
  • Mind Maps
  • Word Find
  • Recipe
  • Bingo Cards
  • Journal Prompts

If we say yes:

Your submission will be moved to a Google Doc which we will share with you. All subsequent edits and notes should be made to that document. If you do not have a Google account, and are not interested in having one, you will need to create a throwaway account specifically for your work for us. Since this is a print publication we will send you a PDF for your portfolio. We will also need a short bio from you, including:

  • Your public name
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • Two sentences describing your activities and interests in the third person
  • A link to a portfolio or other personal website.


Paying contributors is an important element to our plan. Our newspaper will not be supported by advertisements but instead by our subscribers. As such, our 1st issue will not be paid but future issues will. Our guest editor (TBD) will judge the submissions and choose the cover story for our Inaugural Issue. The winner will receive $200 and a signed copy by our guest editor.

For the future, provided we approve your submission and you make necessary edits with our editors, you can expect some dough. We pay between $40 and $200 for written features.

Please keep in mind that we pay contributors 30 business days after the article is published.

Response Time:

Due to the constant flow of pitches, we can only respond to accepted pieces. Don’t be too bummed if you don’t hear from us. We swear it is nothing personal. While we wish it was possible to send each of you a handwritten note or get back to each and every email, we are a small editorial team. If you do not hear from us, it’s probably because we think your work isn’t a fit for us right now. We will do out best to get back to ya'll but we appreciate your understanding as we look to work less in the inbox and more in the real world. As we add more people to our team, this will be the first thing we change. We thank you all for being so cool about this.


Email Us: pitches@folkrebellion.com


If you want to submit a letter to Rebel Times:
If you are submitting a letter to the editor and would like it to be considered for publication, please make sure to include your name, location, and telephone number.

E-mail comments@folkrebellion.com


Send mail the old-fashioned way (much preferred!):
Editor: Jess Davis
Rebel Times
223 Baltic St #1
Brooklyn, NY, 11201