Alison Ludovici

Ali loves to challenge people - in a good way. She is a writer and  a mindset and lifestyle coach who aims to inspire and empower others to live extraordinary lives. She was once called a “Rebel without a Cause”, by a teacher because she was a bit outlandish;  but that was inaccurate, because her cause is showing others that being different is amazing.  She knows the key to a good life is living each day well. For her, that means quality time with family, good books, outdoor adventures, puppies, creating & crafting, pleasurably challenging exercise, good food and being true to herself. 

Rebel Manifesto: Today well lived, life well loved

Favourite Place Offline: Adventuring outdoors with my Fam, or on the couch with a good book

Spirit Animal: Tigger…and unicorns.

Best Album: I can’t be forced to choose just one ;)

Favourite Pre-Internet Hobby: Running around the neighbourhood  with my younger brother and friends, getting dirty, climbing trees and swimming in ditches; reading (a LOT); writing short stories; and figure skating.