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Published every month, Folk Rebellion Dispatch is a much needed reprieve from our always-on-high-fructose-corn-syrup-society.




Mainstream media sucks:

the news is going to be bad, the photoshopping will make you hate yourself, the fashion will be stupid.


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We refuse to feed your tech-induced ADD. Our goal is to retrain our reader’s goldfish internet brain to stay focused on long form, meaty reads. 

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This is the marrying of a real offline love/need and online community. Our content will create experiences in real life.

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Zero ad execs brainchildren allowed. We invite partners that align with our ideals to share a letter about who they are, what they do, and why they wanted to be a supporter. That's it.

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We are a real life, open and unfold, slow and timeless newspaper. It's a radically tangible 3D product with a human experience only print can offer. 

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Our community will WAIT for it's delivery, pour over it for weeks on weeks and share their dog-eared pages with another.

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Think of us as that rebellious friend you were always (secretly) thankful you had. The one that pushed you just enough, that opened your eyes to new ideas, and scoffed at old dated beliefs.


- Join the rebellion-

Join the most unconventional community of free thinking, nature loving, nonconformists and advocates for a more analog way of life.

- and get private access to fresh rabble-rousing content, fellow readers, monthly courses, and one hell of a good time.


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-Print edition of our monthly publication
-Free Delivery
-Monthly Calendar
-Monthly Poster
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-Digital edition of publication optimized for tablet & phone
-Monthly course + activity
-Unlimited access to full course archives
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Fucking AWESOME. This is so epic. I love it.
— Natalie Halt
Yes, yes, yes, and YES. That’s all I was thinking as I read the big news. This is a seriously awesome endeavor and I cannot wait to be a subscriber. Can’t wait. Thanks for being a rebel.
— Heidi Brooks
I fucking LOVE this!!!! I firmly believe the world is coming back to this in a reinvented, reimagined way. Book stores have had an increase in sales, I find that encouraging. I REALLY believe people want off their devices. YOU are leading us into the future.
— Tracy Keough
Seeing your company truly gave me a “eureka” moment and a fresh start in sorting out where I go from here. Thank you for all your work and effort to help people like me and to spread ‘real-life’ back into all our hearts and daily routine. All the best.
— Madison Palmer
My friends, you rule. Keep doing what you do. The world needs you now more than ever.
— Eve Horbol
I am so thrilled that this is happening and it seems like a much better fit. So, wild cheers and mad support.
— Christine Biegen

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Bundle Subscription does include the below (plus all of the above):

  • Monthly Raising Hell, Living Well workbook delivered to your inbox as a printable PDF. Including: teeny-tiny-acts-of-resistance + journal prompts, a personal rebel yell for your personality type, plus an offline hands-on monthly challenge.

  • Live monthly sit downs with one of our favorite rebels, activists or kindred folk.

  • Live monthly Friendship Bracelet Making Q&A’s with Jess where you can submit your questions about entrepreneurship, branding, slow living, parenting, and whiskey for in-person fireside chats on live video.

  • Access to a private online group where you can submit your input, ask questions, post progress updates with your monthly analog challenges, and more.

  • A chance for you and your work to be featured in a regular rebel rousers feature.

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