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Behind The Screens: Sophie Chiche


An urban sweat lodge. A place where people sweat and get delicious “me time.” Shape House is often referred to as an oasis, a calm space to remove you from the brouhaha of a city. People come for different reasons because it serves different needs. Some come because it helps them sleep. Some because it helps them lose weight. Some because it helps their skin.


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Experiments in Rebellion: Meditation

The first time I tried to meditate, I was eight years old. My father would chop wood every day in the winter to feed our continuously burning fire. One day, as the darkness crept up on the evening, I remember staring into the fire when no one was around (I am the second of four children and grew up in a loud, chaotic, intense household where solitude was a commodity), and settling into a state of calm.

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Science of Deja Vu

You’re walking down an unfamiliar street, visiting a new city, or hiking a new trail you’ve never hiked, and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the sense that you’ve been there, in that exact spot, having experienced that exact same situation before – despite knowing that you never have.

Then it’s gone as quickly as it came and you carry on, maybe a little puzzled, but no worse for wear.

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