Behind The Screens With Internet People: Halley Elefante of The Salty Blonde

In the latest installment of Behind the Screens, we caught up with Halley Elefante of The Salty Blonde. With 362,000 Instagram followers and counting, we wanted to know what life is like for the O'ahu based beauty when she's not inspiring us with her seemingly effortless style and curating a jaw dropping Insta-feed. From snapshots of the streets of New York, where Halley's sister and our Chief Rebel, Jess, lives, to the sunsets in Hawaii, Halley's posts never fail to impress.

Keep reading to find out how Halley got started on Instagram and what keeps her inspired... 

Can you share some of the background on how The Salty Blonde began and what sparked the idea? 

My sister Jess actually was telling me for a couple of years to start one when we were living in NYC, but it wasn't until I moved to Hawaii that I was ready to put myself out there to the masses of the internet. I've always had an obsession with clothing and styling and once I moved to paradise it was a no brainer. Mainly because I was so broke and couldn't shop anymore, and was over serving drinks to assholes. I started a secret account and created outfits with all of my old East Coast clothes mixed with my beachy boho style and boom, The Salty Blonde was born. 

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You've lived all over, it seems! What brought you to land home in Hawaii? 

My boyfriend (now fiance) actually ended up getting a teaching job here and we both needed a change of pace I think. We did long distance for the first 2 years of our relationship where he was in Boston and me in NYC. We compromised on Hawaii after he got the job and we have been here 3 1/2 years now. 

Your manifesto, "No Bullshit", is inspired in itself. What brought you to this perspective in life? 

I would say my upbringing and life experiences. I just would find it exhausting to be any other way.

What, or who, fuels your creativity and (killer) style? 

My mom was and is a huge style inspiration in my life. She wore whatever she wanted and didn't care what others though and I have definitely inherited that, thankfully. She was a disco queen with these insane outfits that I would kill for today. These days she takes all of my clothes now and drops a hint in my comment section if she eyes something she likes. 

What would you say to girls (or guys) that are aching to live the way they view your lifestyle via social media? 

I actually get tons of emails and DM's from very young girls asking how I got here and what they have to do to get where I'm at. I absolutely love being an inspiration to others, but I am not holding out on anyone with a magical secret that will make you successful on social media overnight (well, unless you want to go the T+A way..). I worked for it and had plenty of life experiences before I started this venture. I also started it when I was 27 years old and I wouldn't have it any other way. Working for everything you have, the shitty jobs, the hardships, all of that, it builds character and makes you a better person. I promise you. 

How does your on-screen life compare to your off-screen life? 

Obviously not everything in my life is sunshine and bikinis. Bills have to be paid, hours of emails have to be done, toilets have to be cleaned, and fights are had with Tom. I can show more of that if people are interested..

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Have you ever felt too caught-up in social media? If so, how did you cope? 

In the beginning, yes. Now I am pretty mindful of my phone usage and have a better grasp on it all. Emails don't need to be answered right away and there is no need to try and keep up with what others are doing. It just gives you an anxious feeling. 

What three songs would you put on replay if you could have a soundtrack for your life? 

This is WAY too hard and I have taken enough time on this question already. These songs also don't have meaning of my life, I just like them.. This Must Be The Place by the Talking Heads, One Drop by Bob Marley, and Sweet Thing by Van Morrison.

What is something your Instagram followers would be surprised to know about you?

I've only worked in the restaurant industry before The Salty Blonde. First job.

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What's your favorite pre-internet hobby?

Cards! My Grandma taught me how to shuffle when I was 7. And Tom and I play Gin Rummy a lot like a couple of old biddies...

Where can we find you offline? 

Hawaii? The beach. New York? Most likely the bar.

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