Starter Pack + Goodies

Starter Pack + Goodies


Bundle includes:

  • 3 Print Issues (The Rebel Issue, The Time and Productivity Issue, The Media and Advertising Issue)

  • 2 Stickers

  • 2 Patches

  • 1 Button

The Inaugural Rebel Issue: Rebel (noun): A person who rises in opposition. A renegade. A revolutionary. A breaker of the status quo.

Permission To Give Hustle, Shoulds, Technology (and more) The Middle Finger.

The Time & Productivity Issue: The question of who can do more, more quickly, with less sleep, and without complaint has become a cornerstone of society today, but it’s breaking down what binds us. Mindfulness, meditation, and redefining productivity offer an opportunity to (re)take control of your time.

The Media and Advertising Issue: The media controls our minds, or at least they’re trying to. Let’s understand how they do it, and how to ‘Just Say No.’

Published every month, folk rebellion dispatch is a much needed reprieve from our always-on-high-fructose-corn-syrup-society.

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