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Chelsea teaches yoga and is passionate about all things health and fitness – emotional, mental and physical. When not being rebellious as folk, she can be found handling pr situations for her 9-5 corporate clients, rambling on why the world would be better if everyone ate more kale and practiced yoga, or snuggling her curiously-named cats. 

  • Rebel Manifesto: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
  • Favorite place offline:  I've been spoiled into developing a profound love for the blue-green sinks and springs of North Florida and the jagged, awesome mountains of the west. 
  • Spirit animal: Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
  • Best album of all time: I can't stop going back and forth between Otis Best of and Kanye... I'm a little bit of everything here. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Creek and beach drip castle forts
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