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Rachel is a branded content and comedy producer who spends her days in front of so many screens dreaming of going outside. She believes in the power of BBQs, comfortable shoes, sweatshirts on the beach, salty chocolate, making out, bad puns, laughing until you cry and vice versa.

  • Rebel Manifesto: Be kind, be kind; be kind.
  • Favorite place offline: Big Sur, California. Drop me off and don't ever pick me up. 
  • Spirit animal: A chocolate lab with sunglasses on.
  • Best album of all time: Any of the mix CDs in the massive CaseLogic wallet that lives in my car. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Two words: Photo Collages.
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Chelsea teaches yoga and is passionate about all things health and fitness – emotional, mental and physical. When not being rebellious as folk, she can be found handling pr situations for her 9-5 corporate clients, rambling on why the world would be better if everyone ate more kale and practiced yoga, or snuggling her curiously-named cats. 

  • Rebel Manifesto: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
  • Favorite place offline:  I've been spoiled into developing a profound love for the blue-green sinks and springs of North Florida and the jagged, awesome mountains of the west. 
  • Spirit animal: Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
  • Best album of all time: I can't stop going back and forth between Otis Best of and Kanye... I'm a little bit of everything here. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Creek and beach drip castle forts
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Indian born, Dubai raised, California glazed - a global citizen having a love affair with life. Everyone has a responsibility to share love, encourage peace and live the only truth that is us. I'm just trying to be responsible.

  • Rebel Manifesto: "Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy"
  • Favorite place offline: The Swiss Alps
  • Spirit animal: Pocahontas 
  • Best album of all time: Abbey Road, The Beatles (here comes the sun, du du du du)
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Playing tag on the streets, dodging cars and coming home sweaty, bruised and excited to do it all again the next day


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