Horoscopes - February 2018


Aries // Pop Rocks

Futuristic candy. It’s a novelty and a surprise. What part of your life needs a burst of surprise, sweetness, and innovation? What would be a very different way of going about things? It’s time for innovation. It’s time for a candy-coated vision of the future. Believe in the idea that life can be very different than it is now. Change can be sweet.


Taurus // A seagull flies high above

Look around. Fly high. Fly quickly. Look for opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to see on the ground. Elevate your vibration so that you can catch new opportunities. You don’t have to be popular. But you do have to be proficient. Strive for excellence in what you’re doing and don’t overthink the result. You have the ability to soar in your career.


Gemini // Walking behind an elephant

Study the elephant’s feet. So strong and massive. So heavy when they hit the ground. Taking up space. Leaving an imprint. You are ready to be definitive and certain of your stance. When you make a move,  you will be sure of it. Trust in yourself. Be confident.


Cancer // Curled up like a snail shell

A spiral. A beginning, a middle, and an end. A continuum that goes on for eternity. Constant change and adaptation. Meditate to gain clarity. Then ask yourself what you are ready to let go of. Create a ceremony of release so that you can start a new cycle.


Leo // Hopping on a pogo stick

In constant motion. You are so busy. Enjoy yourself but don’t get carried away. You need to be able to maintain your balance, especially in your important relationships. Treat yourself and others with kindness. Focusing on kindness will help keep you centered.


Virgo // Making a small bouquet

Allow yourself to enjoy. Spend quiet time doing simple things. Keeping your hands busy is very good for your active mind. Take care of the chores, errands, and projects that need to be attended to. Cleanse and refresh.


Libra // A lightning bolt

You are ready for adventure. Let yourself have fun. Go after a new experience. Play and frolic more than you have for a long time. You need to let go of the restraints of adulthood. Not just by putting them aside for a moment, but by really trying to get some mental distance from your responsibilities. Open yourself up to celebration.


Scorpio // A snake moves along the ground

Help yourself along. Give yourself a hand. You are ready for transformation. Set yourself up well, so that the transformation is supported. If you are going to shed your skin, you need to nurture yourself through the process. What can you do to show yourself deep love and compassion?  


Sagittarius // A bright star

Get inspired. Inspiration with help you learn and grow. Find a quote, a value or a philosophy that inspires you. Staying focused on this will help you follow your north star. Observe your thoughts and try to be positive. If that’s hard to do, take a nap and start again.


Capricorn // A single blade of grass

Imagine the root system of a blade of grass. It’s time to get grounded. It can be simple. Connect with nature. The abundance of nature will remind you that you are whole and well. You have everything you need within you. You were born complete. You are enough.


Aquarius // Riding horses in a rodeo

You are making quick turns. You’re along for the ride, but you’ve got the reins in your hand. Stay poised in the moment. Don’t think too far ahead or linger on the past. Use your intuition, your skill and your desire to propel you forward. It’s okay to be speedy when the moment is right. Prepare for flashes of insight that will inspire your next move.


Pisces // Patting down soil after planting a seed

Pause for just a moment. You’ve done something wonderful. Slow down and savor the moment. You’ve planted a seed in the hopes that it will grow. Notice where this is happening in your life right now and pause to reflect on how powerful that is. Instead of rushing ahead, honor what you’re creating.



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