Rock Your Bliss: Less Beat the Clock, More Meet the Clock

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Welcome to our Rock Your Bliss corner in the Folk Rebellion universe. We are two best friends and the creators of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga-inspired coaching company. We started our company almost five years ago and lead transformational online programs, retreats, and workshops all over the country. We were lucky to cross paths with Jess Davis, the founder of Folk Rebellion, several years ago and her messages on unplugging and living life have been revolutionary for us. We’ll be taking turns writing a column on not just how to find your bliss, but how to rock it. — Mary Beth LaRue & Jacki Carr


How many times in your life have you said the words, “I don’t have time for ____,” and then filled in the blank with something you really want to do but continue to put off? My count is pretty high up there, with my self-care practices, my time to unplug, or even sexy time with my man being put on the backburner most frequently. When it comes to our relationship with time, we all have stories in our mind – perspectives and conceptions that create our reality. I call these our beliefs.


There are two types of beliefs. We have limiting beliefs which, as you can imagine, limit our action and our ability to see new possibilities. Then there are new beliefs that we write and practice that can serve us, building new habits, new actions, and new perceptions that grant us access to different ways of being and seeing.


When I reflect on my beliefs around time, I first take a moment to look at how I’ve been spending my time. I realize I am a doer, a calendar-filler, and a busybody. Oh, how I thrive on a long to-do list, and I believe that I do much better with more on my plate.


With this belief, time can be fleeting. Time can feel scarce and unavailable for all the things I want to do. I am a goal coach, leadership consultant, speaker, and Mama. I love every single one of those hats. However, when I drop my daughter off at school at 9 AM, meet a coaching client at 9:30 AM, and have a flight to catch at noon from Denver to L.A., with a retreat welcome workshop to lead that evening, I have to admit that I’ve overbooked my time and worn myself thin.


This style of calendar-filling has been with me for a long time. I associate that full calendar with a full bank account. And then, of course, we can go down the rabbit hole of a belief that when I am making money, I am worthy and successful.


Then, this past fall, I flew home from a long trip that crisscrossed the country. Were my trips amazing? YES! But I missed my husband. I missed my daughter. While my career was thriving, my personal life was in survival mode. I felt out of alignment with the vision I had for my life. It was ironic that, literally hours earlier, I had been speaking on that very subject. It was time to evaluate my beliefs and make some new choices in my calendar-ing.


I realized that I was rarely taking time to recharge, never creating space for self-care or blank space to fill with whatever the hell I want to do. I thought that my calendar had to always be full for me to be successful, and I was so effing tired.


So I chose to rewrite my story. I gave myself the permission and the power to create a new belief that would support new behaviors, new habits, and new actions. My new belief sounded like this:


“Time is my friend, and we work in collaboration. Less beat the clock, more meet the clock.”


This new belief created a space for me to pause, get things in focus, and make decisions that support my businesses, my wife life (hello sexy time), my mom life, and my self-care. It encouraged me to add me into my calendar, all the blank space and bubble baths.


Now is a great moment for a belief exercise. Let’s explore your relationship with time, uncover any limiting beliefs, and take time to write new ones that serve you.


Guiding Questions For Building a New Belief

  • Look at how you’ve been spending your time the past month. How does your calendar feel?

  • What is your story or belief with the time?

  • Is that belief serving you and your best self?

  • If needed, can you write your new story, your new belief about time? See examples for inspiration.

  • Practice, practice, practice the new beliefs. It is all a practice.


Here’s Some Inspiration:

  • Time moves at the speed of me.

  • I am time rich.

  • I have time and I have choice.

  • I spend my time in alignment with my values.

  • I create time for me, so I am my best for others.


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