When you post something on your blog, or Instagram, or Facebook or anything on the world wide web, you are sharing a part of yourself. Of your heart, of your soul, of your spirit. And in hitting send, or share, or post, you are inherently being vulnerable.

You are giving without any guarantee of receiving – the uncertainty is enough to make some people’s skin crawl – but you do it anyways. In the name of connection and the hopes that someone, somewhere will think, “I feel that too.”


And then you wait.

You hit refresh a couple of dozen times, and you look at the clock like time will actually, literally run out.

And then you reread, and you think about deleting it.

A million thoughts race through your unsettled mind.

No one has responded yet.

Did I hit the message home?

Was it too honest?

Not honest enough?

Is the picture “good enough” to share?

Why the fuck is no one liking my stuff?

And maybe five people like it, or maybe 30.

Sometimes someone will reach out and say that they loved what you had to say, and other times you can hear the crickets chirping.

Radio silence.

And then, you remember... 

You were being courageous, vulnerable, and brave and that in and of itself is enough. You are enough, as you are, without the likes, the shares, the reposts or any of that nonsense.

You remember that…

There is so much more – everything in fact – to life than what is contained on that small screen.

Your spirit can, and has, moved mountains.

You have cultivated connections and relationships that could stand the test of a million lifetimes.

You have wandered the world with only your heart and intuition to guide you.

Your creativity is your gift to the world, and that it can never be measured, for it is boundless and infinite.

You remember that you are not the sum of your likes.