Alison Ludovici

Ali loves to challenge people - in a good way. She is a writer and  a mindset and lifestyle coach who aims to inspire and empower others to live extraordinary lives. She was once called a “Rebel without a Cause”, by a teacher because she was a bit outlandish;  but that was inaccurate, because her cause is showing others that being different is amazing.  She knows the key to a good life is living each day well. For her, that means quality time with family, good books, outdoor adventures, puppies, creating & crafting, pleasurably challenging exercise, good food and being true to herself. 

Rebel Manifesto: Today well lived, life well loved

Favourite Place Offline: Adventuring outdoors with my Fam, or on the couch with a good book

Spirit Animal: Tigger…and unicorns.

Best Album: I can’t be forced to choose just one ;)

Favourite Pre-Internet Hobby: Running around the neighbourhood  with my younger brother and friends, getting dirty, climbing trees and swimming in ditches; reading (a LOT); writing short stories; and figure skating.

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Kit Bihun

Kit is a part-time Pilates instructor and full time creative badass (it's a real thing).  She's written for theater and film and is currently working towards completing her first romance novel...or novella.  Word counts really get you at the end right?  She also designs accessories and home decor products for By The Flamingos, an eco-friendly digital fabrication start-up. 

Rebel manifesto:  The energy you put out is the energy you receive

Favorite place offline:  Bookstore

Spirit animal: The wolverine, aka Skunk Bear

Best album of all time:  Daft Punk, Discovery

Favorite pre-internet hobby:  Making mix tapes

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Jill Prendergast

Jillian is currently residing in her 1994 blue Chevy, "Cheby van Diego". She's probably out adventuring with her 7 year old lab and partner through the organized chaos, Brett, which she translates from Australian to "hot boy with great carpentry and kissing skills."

Rebel manifesto: "The road is life."

Favorite place offline: Strapped to a snowboard or covered in salty waves 

Spirit animal: If Leslie Knope and Louis CK had a baby...and that baby liked tequila.

Favorite pre-internet hobby: Reading on my dad's deck near the beach, and eating. 

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Lindsay Thomas

Linsanity is a wannabe whiskey connoisseur, snail mail preservationist, bucket list advocate, and sweat enthusiast. She loves big, has killer dance moves, and believes the best ideas come on post-it notes. Current mood: no risk, no reward. 

Rebel manifesto: do more than scratch the surface

Favorite place offline: my mat

Spirit animal: Kelly Kapowski 

Best album of all time: I am a country girl at heart so when I am listening to an album from start to finish, it’s gotta be a greatest hits from the 90s. Garth Brooks anyone?

Favorite pre-internet hobby: Scrapbooking

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Jess DavisComment

Colleen has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others involved in music. Her website, Coustii, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes. Colleen loves to travel and uses her ukulele as a conversation starter on the road.

  • Rebel Manifesto:  "Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul."
  • Favorite Place Offline: Scottish Highlands
  • Spirit Animal: Cats. They decide when to nap, when to allow you to love them, and put themselves on their own pedestal. 
  • Best Album of All Time: Fleetwood Mac, The Dance
  • Your Favorite Pre-Internet Hobby: I would say Oregon Trail, but I think that's debatable since you are still using electronics. Otherwise, strumming the ukulele!
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I am a fierce (gluten-free, and newly vegan) foodie, world traveler, and devoted DIYer. I love nothing more than to live fully, happily, colorfully, and creatively. 

  • Rebel Manifesto: Follow your bliss. 
  • Favorite place offline: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • Spirit Animal: Chip Gaines (Fixer Upper), he's such a goofball—I adore him! 
  • Best album of all time: Currently obsessing over Cleopatra by The Lumineers, but forever devoted to any and all work by Jason Mraz. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: creating "art" with sidewalk chalk (and chasing down the ice cream man!) 
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Andreea Chidu is a sun worshiping, adventure seeking, plant fueled, shape shifting yogi who enjoys playing on both sides of a camera lens. She has young mind with an old soul and a longing for a deeper connection with the world around her. A human. Being. 

  • Rebel manifesto: Do no harm, but take no shit. 
  • Favorite place offline: Mountain tops
  • Spirit animal: Giraffe
  • Favorite music maker: Trevor Hall
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Climbing trees, getting dirty and ripping holes in every pair of pants I owned
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Jenna Dailey is a Minnesota-grown storyteller, student of life and yoga teacher. Her insatiable curiosity and undying desire to cultivate connection fuel her travels around the world in search of new people and places.

  • Rebel manifesto: Stay curious.
  • Favorite place offline: The mountains
  • Spirit animal: Unicorn
  • Best album of all time: Atmosphere, God Loves Ugly
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: creating chalk masterpieces on the driveway and sitting down with a good paper-bound book!
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Alexander is a Living Spirit Guide, Strategic Adviser and Teacher who helps people play their cards right, from darkness to light.

  • Manifesto: I believe in the evolutionary potential of human consciousness.
  • Fave place offline:  Riding my bike, exploring NYC.
  • Spirit Animal:  Eagle
  • Best Album of all time:  Tie:  U2 Joshua Tree or U2 Achtung Baby
  • Fave pre-internet hobby:  Playing pick-up basketball at the local park/playground
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Rachel is a branded content and comedy producer who spends her days in front of so many screens dreaming of going outside. She believes in the power of BBQs, comfortable shoes, sweatshirts on the beach, salty chocolate, making out, bad puns, laughing until you cry and vice versa.

  • Rebel Manifesto: Be kind, be kind; be kind.
  • Favorite place offline: Big Sur, California. Drop me off and don't ever pick me up. 
  • Spirit animal: A chocolate lab with sunglasses on.
  • Best album of all time: Any of the mix CDs in the massive CaseLogic wallet that lives in my car. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Two words: Photo Collages.
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Chelsea teaches yoga and is passionate about all things health and fitness – emotional, mental and physical. When not being rebellious as folk, she can be found handling pr situations for her 9-5 corporate clients, rambling on why the world would be better if everyone ate more kale and practiced yoga, or snuggling her curiously-named cats. 

  • Rebel Manifesto: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
  • Favorite place offline:  I've been spoiled into developing a profound love for the blue-green sinks and springs of North Florida and the jagged, awesome mountains of the west. 
  • Spirit animal: Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
  • Best album of all time: I can't stop going back and forth between Otis Best of and Kanye... I'm a little bit of everything here. 
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Creek and beach drip castle forts
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Indian born, Dubai raised, California glazed - a global citizen having a love affair with life. Everyone has a responsibility to share love, encourage peace and live the only truth that is us. I'm just trying to be responsible.

  • Rebel Manifesto: "Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy"
  • Favorite place offline: The Swiss Alps
  • Spirit animal: Pocahontas 
  • Best album of all time: Abbey Road, The Beatles (here comes the sun, du du du du)
  • Favorite pre-internet hobby: Playing tag on the streets, dodging cars and coming home sweaty, bruised and excited to do it all again the next day


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Jensen Handwork

A life-loving, joke-telling, longhaired dreamer out of Colorado, currently majoring in trying to do too many things at once at college in Washington. Never satisfied with the status quo, he can be found doing any variety of things… sporting a banana suit while serving coffee in the café where he works, escaping for a tranquil day with nothing but a fishing pole, or helping organize protests and thought-provoking dialogues on-campus. Jensen ditched his iPhone back in October 2014 and contends he much prefers his current flip phone, which was made in 2005.

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Alyson Wyers

Alyson is a storyteller currently based in Toronto. Passionate about people, she is rooting for humanity and believes words can change the world. A romantic, she is for hand-written love letters, tea parties always, and eccentricity over convention.

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Jules Allen

Jules is a cat lady currently living in Hoboken, New Jersey by way of of Delaware. Ironically working in digital marketing, she prefers paperback books over e-readers and handwritten letters over long e-mails all while making a conscious effort of staying in the moment. She enjoys writing, eating tacos, NYC, live music, embracing her quarter life crisis, and drinking champagne...lots of champagne.  

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Aaron Peart

Living in a ski town in British Columbia Aaron takes notice to what makes him smile, sad, or think. Too young for the early years of computing class, and too old for a YouTube channel, he does what he can to make his mark. There are a few things that he both loves to do and considers himself good at - one of them is putting words on paper. 

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Leticia Ramirez

Leticia likes her coffee black, her whiskey neat and anything by Kerouac. She’s a dreamer and a doer, with a background working in fashion, art and music. She longs for the day where she no longer has to wear shoes or bras. Leticia spent her formative years by the beach in SoCal, left her heart in New York City and recently unpacked and reassembled in Los Angeles. Big fan of soft cheese, live music and John Travolta. 

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Janne Robinson

Janne Robinson is a Poet, Elephant Journal columnist, bushwalker and activist. She cuts kindling with her teeth, eats Bukowski and coffee for breakfast and makes the habit of saying the word feminist as much as possible. 

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Kristy Lenuzza

Kristy subscribes to the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy of storytelling.  Her work is helping folks find their authentic selves. Kristy is a career, public speaking and acting coach based in Upstate NY.

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