Horoscopes - March 2018

Photo by Chris Lawton

Aries // A single flame

Hold steady. Burn brightly in a clear and consistent way. This is a time to go inward and focus your attention on what’s really important. What is your flame of truth? Your flame of purpose? Your flame of integrity? You gain clarity right now by being quiet instead of active.


Taurus // A feather and a fang

You are soft and sharp. See yourself as a force of nature. You may receive some new ideas about what you want your future and your community to look like. Use your softness to relax and trust in the process. Use your sharpness to take precise action when necessary.


Gemini // Eating dessert

You’re coming to the end of a process that had to do with your career. Let yourself taste the sweetness of success, as it’s something you have to celebrate purposefully. Sometimes we skip this final step in the process of creation. Let yourself shine bright and celebrate your progress.


Cancer // Building a snowman

It’s okay to do something just for fun. To relish the process of imagination. To connect with joy. Cherish these moments. Get outside and connect with nature. It will help you remember your purpose and why you’re doing what you’re doing. The natural world and creativity can invigorate you.


Leo // Breaking bread, crumbs falling to the Earth

Your bread symbolically represents Mother Earth. Your sustenance. Your abundance. Trust in abundance and let go of fear. Security is a state of mind. Embrace security so that you can relax and let go. Let everything that’s now unnecessary fall away. Release the emotions that need to be released.


Virgo // Mending a tear in a shirt

It’s time to do some patchwork. It’s time to make amends. You can create harmony where there have been divisions. Don’t shoulder the entire responsibility yourself. In your relationships, you can reach out and be magnanimous, but you can’t carry emotional responsibility for other people. Do what you can to enjoy peace in your relationships, but don’t try to do too much.


Libra // A herd of zebra race across the plains

Don’t let things become too black and white. It’s time for expert moderation. For you, moderation is equivalent to self-care. If you ever need to know how you can take better care of yourself, begin with balance. Conduct a survey of your daily life and notice where more balance would be helpful.


Scorpio // Cans of soup

Andy Warhol’s pop-art comes to mind. What do you need to do to make the mundane more brilliant? Elevate yourself to a new level of technicolor. You don’t have to change much. It might be something about the way you’re thinking about yourself or your circumstances. Change the point of view and the palate. You can make your life more enjoyable. It all comes down to mindset.


Sagittarius // A fragrance on the wind

A refreshing scent that clears the mind. Inhale and connect to your breath. Let the breath refresh you. Restoration is important now. Find an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual restart so that you can love yourself even more. Use aromatherapy to surprise yourself into self-care.


Capricorn // A stake in the ground.

Make a definite mark. Know where you stand. Take up a position. To do so you may need to begin with research. Get curious, apply your mind, ask questions. Then decide. It’s a mental process which will help you move forward as long as you remain curious, logical, and decisive.


Aquarius // A fruit tree

You have what you need. The fruit is ripe. But it still might feel like you’re taking a chance. For some reason, a situation might seem risky even though there is no risk. Settle into a sense of safety. You can take your time and move very slowly as you collect the ripe fruit that’s all around you.


Pisces // The sands fall through the hourglass

It’s okay to stop watching the clock. Just be where you are. You’re starting a new phase and things will be different this time. By being present in the moment you will connect with your true self. Connect to your curiosity instead of your worries. The present moment is your friend.



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