F*ck New Years Resolutions

Fuck  New Years Resolutions.

New Years is just like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day to me.

I believe we need to vocalize, daily, not annually our love and appreciation for our family and partners.

You know what also shouldn’t be reserved for one day a year?

Making intentions.

Setting goals.

Doing check in’s of where we are and where we want to be.

What can go, what can stay.

What we are proud of.

What we want more of.

What we could give up.

What we could regulate.

What boundaries are necessary.

What people feed us and what people we could do without.

What we wildly desire, and keep on the back burner saying, “someday”.

What we don’t make space for, but need to.

What our bodies want.

Intentions make the world go round.

It is so incredibly important to say what we want out loud.

To write things we want down.

And to not just write them down, and say them out loud.

Say, “Hey Universe—Are you listening?!”

But to also honor them.

For when we keep our agreements it shows that we value not only our word, but ourselves.

When we break them, it shows that we don’t honor and value our word and ourselves.

Which is why, not keeping new years agreements feels like crap.

So, sure—let’s make New Years Agreements.

But more importantly, let’s create more space, than a once a year window to do this.

Let’s make intentions every damn day for the things we desire for our bodies, our brains, and our hearts.

We take the time to fix the windows that leak, repair our A to B pieces of metal--let’s not forget to up tune our souls.


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