Drawing It Into Existence

The other day I was playing with my friend’s kid, Summer who is eight.

We pulled out crayons, markers, sparkles, glue and big white empty blank pages of paper.

It’s been a while since I have sat down and played—I felt a little rusty.

I suggested we draw our dream homes.

She drew a large house by the waterfall we are currently living beside in Montezuma.

There was her current dog, Trevor, and also the puppy she wishes to own soon.

She was very sure to draw her own room—as currently she is sharing a room with her father and wants her own space.

I drew a log cabin, in the mountains beside a river.

I had been looking at 70’s Volvos online that week so decided to draw a big sexy blue boat of a Volvo in my driveway.

There were twenty or so big hemlock and cedar trees to clean the air and privatize my home.

A mamma and baby black bear, on the other side of the stream.

Red and yellow mountain flowers and a hot summer sun burning bright beside three peaks.

I had been chewing on the idea of adopting a stray dog, Burt, who had showed up with a tics disease on our doorstep a few months ago in Montezuma. That morning I decided that I would begin the process of bringing him to Canada.

I drew Burt standing alongside myself and Summer who I had asked to come visit me in the next year or so. I wanted to draw him into my life and her standing at my doorstep.

When we finished drawing I realized the process had felt much similar to that of creating a vision board.

Some of us cut out photographs from magazines and create a vision board of the car we want to drive, the places we want to travel, the things we wish to own.

I believe some people use Pinterest as a vision board.

Vision boards are an empty space where you are allowed to paint a picture of the life you wish to live/places you wish to go/things you wish to own.

They are all affirmations said out loud.

There are no limitations—anything goes.

You just dream, cut, glue and paste.

"Right now at this very moment we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness." ~Pema Chodron

If one where to believe in the power of manifestation and law of attraction—making a vision board is a way to visually and tangibly put the things onto paper that we wish to have.

It creates more energy channeled at making it all manifest and also adds a different level of attention to our intentions.

It’s something we can look at, beyond our thoughts, to remind ourselves daily of what we wish to speak into existence in our lives.

What do you wish to draw into existence today?


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