Folk Rebellion's ANALOG GIFT GUIDE of 2015

Happy Holiday's ya'll! It's the happiest time of the year and hopefully you are in that holiday spirit! If not, read the post we did for Wilderness Babes about taking the holidays offline and off busy. If that doesn't work, when in doubt, just add actual spirits.

We've been asked a bunch about some gift ideas for those that need the gentle nudge away from their phones. Whether for your boyfriend, mom, bestie, brother, or boss here are some of our favorite things that get the screened-in folks out of the cloud and back into real life.



  1. Allswell Notebook  While the world has become undeniably digital, research shows that putting pen to paper is linked to increased wellbeing, and basically a boosted brain. It is physiologically, emotionally and mentally beneficial. Creativity unplugged.
  2. Urban Cowboy B&B Getaway Escape and unwind at this peaceful oasis in the Urban Jungle. The Cowboy is a unique communal space in Brooklyn; a freestanding townhouse with a cabin and hot tub in the back yard that allows for people to "arrive as strangers, leave as friends."
  3. Goal Coaching with Jacki Carr Last year we discovered that the 3rd most tweeted New Years Resolution was about not spending so much time on social media and phones. We also coincidently discovered a girl (crush) out west (half of the dynamic Rock Your Bliss team) who was already coaching her clients about the positive benefits of putting restrictions on digital usage. Now we're as thick as thieves and I couldn't recommend anyone better to hold your hand as you release that phone from your hand.
  4. Loopy Mango DIY Kit So if you are gonna tell someone they need to put their phone down, it's usually better received if they have something to replace it with....both time and physically. When we came across the adorable Loopy Mango owner and those to dye for (pun intended) yarns we became large needle wielding makers. It's the perfectly fashionable hobby that let's your mind wander and keeps your hands busy. Score!
  5. Dallas Clayton Unicorn iPhone Case Because sometimes the reminder needs to be RIGHT THERE in front of their face. And what better way to tell someone "eyes up" than with a cute unicorn who talks. We LOVE you Dallas! (Follow his Insta for daily doses of warm fuzzies on the inside)
  6. Battleship Game This one goes out to all the couple out there that are feeling Phubbed. This little love hack comes from personal experience. When you just can't take the side by side scrolling in silence any more throw down this bad boy (and a bottle of wine) for instant connection. How can you go wrong? It's forced face to face eye contact while bombing the shit out of each other.'s better than couples therapy.
  7. Camp Grounded Summer Camp for Adults 3 days in the woods where you trade in your phones, laptops, and ipads for campfires, costumes, sing-a-longs and a whole new perspective on life. Early bird tickets are $200 off right now. Hook up your best mate who needs a digital detox and a huge dose of smiles.
  8. Radio + Cassette + MP3 Boombox Fall back in love with liner notes, listening to an album from start to finish the way the artist intended, and creating mix tapes for loved ones. This retro and nostalgic gift reconnects the giftee to music in the 3D world. Hey, you also may get a mix tape and WHO DOESN"T WANT ONE OF THOSE?
  9. Juniper Books Screens have replaced our calendars, cameras, alarm clocks, notepads...and yes, even our beloved books. Help someone rediscover what it feels like to turn a page. Replacing 2D with tangible items whenever we can will help lessen their engagement in the virtual world. And, hell, these look so good on shelves. It's like decor AND literature. 2 for the price of one.
  10. Lomo'Instant Wide Camera Who doesn't love pictures? No one that we can think of. The problem today is that all our memories are living on a little screen or in a cloud. 1,983 photos from that trip to Nola Jazz Fest but not one in your home. When people view memories through a screen they actually FEEL LESS. Give your friend a boost of serotonin with this beauty. And yes, go wide, it makes all the difference.

Peace to all & take it easy & offline this holiday.

Love, Jess 

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