The Power of Accountabilibuddies

You’re not supposed to do the journey alone. That’s what they tell me anyway. If you’re going to undertake anything difficult (or maybe just anything), you should have a solid support system by your side. You know, the kind of friends who will actually tell you about the spinach between your teeth. You need someone who will hold you accountable to your goals. Someone who believe in your gifts and talents and wants to see you use them in a powerful way. Hence, account-abili-buddies. I suppose these people could also be good at accounting, but that’s probably just a bad pun. 

When it comes to unplugging and actually connecting with these guarders of sanity, honesty is all important. Last week I found myself in a social setting where everyone’s faces were glued to their phones. I’m sure this scene sounds familiar to you. Luckily I had a friend who was bold enough to call us out on our bullshit because we had real life and books to discuss, and now was not the time for funny face Snapchats or feeding trolls in online comments sections. But not everyone has Neville-like pals who have the bravery to stand up to their friends as well as their (anonymous troll) enemies. Not everyone has someone in their life who suggests a phone stack, where the first person to reach for their phone has to pay the group’s bill. So I would encourage you to be that person for the people in your life. 

If the best way to make friends is to be one, let’s be brave and ask our friends to put. the. phones. down. Let’s actually invest in our loved ones by looking them in the eye and giving updates in person instead of ‘liking’ their red-eye removal photo edits and only sharing on social media or via text. Let’s lead the charge and realize (real eyes? Sorry.) authentic conversation happens when we look up. 


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