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Kindred Folks are real flesh, blood and bones humans that we feel a kinship with. They often do rad things. Typically, they have a bit of rebel in them know, question everything and follow their heart type of stuff. We think people's lives would be a bit brighter knowing more about them. So here goes....


Say hi to Artful Venture gals, Bryn & Monica. Artful Venture was founded by combining two of their favorite things in life: art and adventure. In the summer of 2013 Bryn & Monica scrounged up what little savings they had, bought a one-way ticket to South America, and let inspiration be their guide. Through their own artful venture, they realized a movement was in the making. Living artfully is appreciating the hard work, detail, and passion that people around the world instill in their craft. Art is all around us, and they're hoping you'll join them in supporting it! 

Name three items you cant live without: Bryn: My camera, notebook, and mexican food. 

Monica: My camera, wine, and baby sloth videos.

What did you do the last time you unplugged? Bryn: Actually, I just got back from hitchhiking to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, then kayaking to the Caribbean coast from Lago Izabal. Definitely no buzzes and beeps there.

Monica: We were staying with a family in Guatemala last week and went for a few days without any sort of tech connection. During this time, we found our next artist feature!

Best hangover cure? Bryn: A big ol' breakfast burrito and a breath of fresh air.

Monica: A strong cup of coffee while venturing to the mountains for a powder day.

What do you miss most about your pre-internet brain? Bryn: My willingness to talk to strangers, even if it is just for a short 5 minute bus ride and we have absolutely nothing in common. I miss that sense of serendipitously meeting someone in the same city as you, without the aid of the internet.

Monica: The ease of being present by your surroundings and not plagued by the need to check email and social updates every few hours.

When, where and how are you when you are the most present? Bryn: Traveling. I love the feeling of having no other choice but to live in the present. Especially in areas with no wifi, when everyone is socializing instead of texting or browsing through social media, and when your biggest choice for the night is whether to hop on that 8 am bus to the next location, or stay another night with your new friends who were all strangers just 30 minutes ago.

Monica: When I wander with the sole purpose of taking photos. When I’m photographing my surroundings, I am forced to look at the world in a certain way that captures a unique perspective in unexpected situations or objects. This is especially true when shooting film since I plan out every with a meticulous eye.

Describe the most memorable night of your life. Bryn: This is the most challenging question of the bunch! One night that will forever stay crystal clear in my mind is camping at the base of Fitz Roy and waking up, still at night, to catch the sunrise. My friend Gabe and I met some fellow travelers who were also interested in this adventure, so the six of us started at 4 am and raced the sun up a hill just in front of the towering peaks. It was a close call, but I'll never forget finally reaching the top and seeing Fitz Roy glowing red, pure white glaciers in the foreground, and deep blue lake smack in the middle. Just writing about it gives me the shivers. It was a night that turned into a morning I will never forget.

What's your spirit animal and why? Bryn: Probably a river otter. Why? Because I like to play, can be social, and definitely could crack open a clam or two on my stomach while laying on my back in a body of water.

Monica: I’d probably say a squirrel because they are total weirdos and always on the hunt for the next big nut.

Best album cover of all time? Bryn: First one that came to mind was Ride a Rock Horse by Robert Daltrey of The Who. It has a centaur, and I remember staring at it by the record play just about every day as a kid.

Monica: I have a weird connection with the Bird and The Bee’s self titled album - it caught my eye at the store (pre-mp3) and I knew I had to have it. I had no idea what the music was, it just seemed cool. I still listen to them pretty frequently when I want to hit that nostalgia tone.

What keeps you up at night? Bryn: Artful Venture. It's pretty difficult to turn my brain off for the night, especially when Monica and I start chatting about where we want to take it. So many exciting projects are in the books!

Monica: My thirst to bridge the gap between empowering people to follow their passion while making a living.





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