Janne Robinson

Kindred Folks are real flesh, blood and bones humans that we feel a kinship with. They often do rad things. Typically, they have a bit of rebel in them too...you know, question everything and follow their heart type of stuff. We think people's lives would be a bit brighter knowing more about them. So here goes....


Say hi to Janne Robison. Janne and I met met, ironically enough, over the internet. I was forwarded an article written by an equally wild haired (and I would later find out, wild souled) woman with a penchant for unplugging and living a life alive. I emailed Janne immediately, FB messaged Janne, and pretty much virtually stalked her until I heard back. When Janne and I finally connected we agreed that her voice was one that would sit well with the Folk Rebellion community. She inspires me with her words, her wide open heart, giant huevos, and honesty. Besides being a straight up bad ass who chops her own wood and hops between cabin living and beach life, she keeps me accountable and I hope I inspire her to continue growing her voice in a virtual world while keeping balance and boundaries for her real one.

About Janne: Janne Robinson is a poet, bushwalker and animal activist currently residing on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She cuts kindling with her teeth, eats Bukowski for breakfast and makes the habit of saying the word feminist as much as possible. She loves the smell of freshly cut cedar, writing on airplanes and whiskeys that swing their hips when they walk and know what they are doing. You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please also visit and connect with her Facebook writer's page. Check out Janne's website.

Name three items you cant live without: I can live without things. But I'm happier with coffee, my passport, and my favorite denim mens Scotch and Soda shirt.

If you could go on a road trip with your best friend tomorrow, would it be more Thelma & Louise, PeeWee's Big Adventure, Easy Rider, National Lampoons Vacation, or Sideways? I actually don't know any of these movies or shows. I don't own a Television and was only allowed to watch the Sunday Disney Movie as a child growing up! Option 5? Somewhere we can pee in the bushes and sleep under the stars.

What did you do the last time you unplugged? I've been unplugging on weekends, here in Costa Rica. I was inspired by Jess's no emails on weekend business policy. The last 48 hours unplugged I hitchhiked to Santa Teresa, hid in a hammock with dark coffee, read, surfed, did yoga in the sand, and ate an ice cream sandwich watching the sunset.

Best hangover cure? La mar.

What do you miss most about your pre-internet brain? It scheduled much more "in life" time to play. My job as a freelancer is basically online. I find myself needing to set boundaries with how much time I spend online and how much time I spend living in the physical, tangible world. That's sad. Real life should always get dibs. 

When, where and how are you when you are the most present? Surfing. I'm a beginner and if I don't pay attention to the sets coming in and when to paddle I can get completely eaten alive by the ocean. I have to be completely present in the moment and read what waves to chase, when to paddle and when to stand. I began surfing after a traveller told me he was hooked so hard because, "When you are in a barrel, time stops."I figure that's worth chasing.

Describe the most memorable night of your life. The moon was a slice, barley there but just there enough. The phosphorescence lit up the entire ocean like rays of sunshine falling onto the sand. I swam naked and it fell like fire flies from my hair, my breasts, my back. There was seven year old rum drank from the sandy bottle and we all smelled of smoke and ash. In the morning I opened my eyes to sunrise and did handstands to wish the world hello and then drank the ocean, again and again and again. Here was my POV.

What's your spirit animal and why? My mother is a shaman or sha-woman. I did a drum journey this summer with her on my birthday to confirm my central power animal. For the last ten years I was a blue heron/white egret. I wanted to get a tattoo of the two birds in the yin/yang on my arm for my twenty fifth birthday. She suggested we do the journey to make sure I was still represented by these animals, as every ten years or so they can shift. In my journey I realized I was a cougar. You're meant to resemble your central power animal. At first, I was like, "No way that's me. I'm a tall skinny bird." Cougars are all about coming into your power. They are also animals of solitude. I have started to write like I mean it this past year, and step into what I love. I also live alone in the middle of the woods in a cabin on the Sunshine Coast. Totally blew my tattoo idea though, a cougar tattoo is about as cool as a tribal arm band tattoo.

Best album cover of all time? Tom Petty, Heartbreakers.


What keeps you up at night? Poems. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and hear one line of a poem and that's it. You can't ever ask a Poem to come back in the morning, it will spit beer in your face and laugh at you. You must wake up and write whenever the words choose to come.


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