Levi Felix

Kindred Folks are real flesh, blood and bones humans that we feel a kinship with. They often do rad things. Typically, they have a bit of rebel in them too. You know, question everything and follow their heart type of stuff. We think people's lives would be a bit brighter knowing more about them. So here goes....

Photo: Jeff Singer

Photo: Jeff Singer

Say hi to Levi Felix. Levi and I met under the stars and redwoods in the Anderson Valley at his summer camp for adults who want to digitally detox, Camp Grounded. We had pseudo names (I, Bones Jones and him, Fidget) and no background on each other. Our relationship was built on laughter, songs where the only lyrics were MEOW, and dancing to disco music on roller skates. Yeah, that pretty much establishes a rad new friendship. Levi inspires people to wake up. He truly inspired me.

About Levi: I'm not a luddite, in fact I'm a geek. I love technology. However, I believe balance, community, compassion and mindfulness remind us why we are living on this beautiful planet. I encourage others to find space for themselves, and create ways to stay connected to the present moment. I'll show you how to dance even if you've got two left feet, sing a beautiful song if you are tone-deaf, and invigorate you with passion for community, human rights, and the environment. I believes deeply in the power of story, getting dirty and building grassroots movements from the bottom up, working strongly to build coalitions, develop campaigns that directly engage a collective generation, and to seek communities, connect with individuals, volunteer, learn and grow. Innovate. Rebel. Connect. Cultivate. Curate. Community.

Name three items you cant live withoutSUSHI, DRUMS, GOOD PILLOW

If you could go on a road trip with your best friend tomorrow, would it be more Thelma & Louise, PeeWee's Big Adventure, Easy Rider, National Lampoons Vacation, or SidewaysPeeWee's Big Adventure

What did you do the last time you unplugged? Went spearfishing on a small island in Cambodia.

Best hangover cure? Not drinking in the first place. Or Magnesium.

What do you miss most about your pre-internet brain? Can you repeat the question, sorry I got distracted.

When, where and how are you when you are the most present? I am most present when kissing my partner or swimming in the ocean.

Describe the most memorable night of your life. I'll tell you about it over a cup of spiced chai.

What's your spirit animal and why? I don't have a spirit animal... I have a spirit bug. My spirit BUG is a grasshopper. When i was hiking through the caves of Northern Thailand, I asked myself (along with a few other friends), "What is my spirit animal." I closed my eyes and began to meditate. Within a minute, a grasshopper landed in my hand. They've continued to show up at all the right moments to provide guidance and direction.

Best album cover of all time? Abbey Road.


What keeps you up at night? Reoccurring dreams.

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