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Kindred Folks are real flesh, blood and bones humans that we feel a kinship with. They often do rad things. Typically, they have a bit of rebel in them know, question everything and follow their heart type of stuff. We think people's lives would be a bit brighter knowing more about them. So here goes....


Say hi to PJ, Bret, & Madeleine (Aka Madi) of Montauk Juice Factory. Sometimes you just get lucky and other times its as if you sat on a horse shoe. When the wonderful folks at the Urban Cowboy B&B recommended we meet these rad beach loving, juice slinging friends of theirs and a phone call turned into coffee dates turned into hang time turned into future adventures in all things that feed people's souls....I knew I was one lucky pony. PJ, Bret, & Madi are childhood friends who are have a deep rooted love for Montauk, healthy living and who share a strong desire to spread good vibes while encouraging others to do the same.  They each became fascinated with cold-pressed juicing and daily routine quickly became a passion which sent them on a mission to serve the best juice they could possibly make to a spot they deeply treasured: Montauk. Besides their love of analog tunage, chillness, and all things mother earth they are working to leave people and places better than the way they found them. This and the fact that we have a new couch to surf out on the East End makes these three one of our very favorite Kindred Folks and we cannot wait for what's to come!

PJ: Name three items you cant live without: Any kind of athletics (lending towards extreme sports), the sun, and juice.

Bret: If you could go on a road trip with your best friend tomorrow, would it be more Thelma & Louise, PeeWee's Big Adventure, Easy Rider, National Lampoons Vacation, or Sideways? Easy Rider, for sure.

Madi: What did you do the last time you unplugged? The last time I left my phone in the shop. I needed a moment of calm so I took the red jeep to the best part of the beach (a secret part I like to go to) and took my socks and boots off and put my bare feet in the sand. I just stood there for a moment feeling grounded, balanced and connected to the energy of the Earth... and positively frozen. It was magical. 

PJ: Best hangover cure? Going into the ocean & hitting the mountains preferably snowboarding or skiing.

Bret: What do you miss most about your pre-internet brain? I enjoy the anticipation and feelings of seeing the people closest to me, when they visit now I feel like I just saw them yesterday and I've narrowed this down to one reason: Social Media. 

Madi: When, where and how are you when you are the most present? I should say meditating but because it's still very new to me so I'll be honest: when with my sisters, in the water or when I'm dancing. Like really dancing. In these moments, I am fully there and out of my head and typically feel grateful in a really big, expansive way, deeply rooted in joy and totally free.  

PJ: Describe the most memorable night of your life. Probably getting the shop and juice ready for fam, friends opening weekend OR when I fell into the harbor trying to sneak out of my friends parents house.

Bret: What's your spirit animal and why? My spirit animal is a Black Jaguar! I like the feeling of being by myself, it's something I try to be conscious of so I don't over do it but Black Jaguars live and hunt alone except for mating season of course!

Madi: Best album cover of all time? I'm going to stand by my childhood favorite:  Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA. The American flag, ripped blue jeans and that rock and roll stance. What more could you want?


PJ: What keeps you up at night? Stagnant air and humidity.

Bret: Same question: Silence

Madi? Too much sugar and an overactive imagination.  


About: We wanted to create a place located a few blocks from the ocean where each drink was made with love and purpose: carefully designed with a specific benefit for optimal, overall health. We definitely have a free-spirited and laid back approach to life but are very serious about creating the purest, most nutrient-dense juice out there. We believe that living clean is a right, not a privilege and that being aware of the food in which you are consuming is the foundation to feeling your best and living your purpose. Through our juices and our shop, we hope to leave people and places better than when we found them. This is our guiding principle and that is why we say we serve good vibes (straight up). 

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